How To Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Advertising (Even With a Small Budget)

If you are trying to get the most out of your Facebook ads, then this article can help you. After all, Facebook is exploding in popularity, and businesses are rushing to take advantage of the cheap clicks and profitable conversions. But if you don’t act fast, your competition will gobble up the market. So put these tactics into play to make sure you can get incredible results for your business:

Identify Your Target Market

Before starting with any of the advanced tactics, you must start with the most important question: who is your market? Your ideal customer? With old-school marketing tactics, you would have to hit the streets and interview prospects in person to find out if they are a good fit for your business. However, online marketing is different. Luckily, on Facebook, you can target this person, or subgroup of people, very accurately. That way, you aren’t wasting advertising dollars on people who were never potential customers in the first place.

Utilize Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allow you to specify that your Facebook ads are only shown to certain segments of the potential users. You can import email lists from previous marketing campaigns and show your message only to them. That means you don’t need to worry about losing customers that you have worked so hard to obtain elsewhere. This is a powerful way to take more control over your Facebook marketing efforts.

Utilize Retargeting

If you aren’t retargeting already, you should be. Retargeting allows you to target prequalified buyers or prospects based on their visits to certain webpages on your site. You can even segment them by which offers they clicked on or signed up for. This is done with Facebook pixels, which are just pieces of code that track users. Don’t let this technology go to waste, use it to its fullest to get as much retargeting conversion working in your favor as possible.

Play With Your Ad Types and Placements

Don’t just throw up one or two ads in the same place on Facebook and call it a day. Instead, you should try a bunch of different advert placements, copy, and design. Switch your headline around, change the color, and test the results of Facebook Feed ads vs. sidebar ads. You never know what your market will respond to unless you test, test, test!


Review the Analytics

You have a wealth of information about your ad campaign on Facebook available to you. If you  review the data on a regular basis, it can provide insights. Either create analytics reports on a weekly basis or monthly basis at a minimum to understand where your money is going. Even hire a company to do it for you if you have the cash to invest.

When it comes to Facebook ads, everyone is excited about the potential. However, what will separate the businesses that do well with Facebook and those that do not is who puts principles into action. You can run profitable marketing campaigns on FB if you follow the advice above and move with speed.

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